INSC 2020 Hackathon
Event Description

With the coupled goal of guiding innovations to address pressing clinical needs and expedite clinical adoption of lifesaving products, The Indian Stroke Association is organizing the INSC 2020 Hackathon, aimed at accelerating the journey from idea to clinical practice.

To integrate the innovation process behind emerging technologies with medical practice, we have reached out to clinicians and crowd sourced their pressing pain-points in the field of stroke. Following is the set of guideline problems that we received:

  1. Susceptibility and mitigation of risk
  2. Prehospital pathway protocol (areas e.g. stroke ready hospital - remote diagnosis, mobile based tele-stroke)
  3. Intra-hospital pathway
  4. Interventions (including devices, protocols etc.)
  5. Automation in imaging (to give a perspective of brain damage and scope of treatment etc.)
  6. Rehabilitation Innovation (including brain plasticity, kinaesthetic rehab, image processing, auto-biofeedback)

As the next step, we are inviting applications for the INSC 2020 Hackathon for participants - individuals as well as start-ups – to submit their solutions addressing any of the listed problems. Clinicians, business professionals and technology specialists are all welcome to register. The proposed solution could be in any stage of development – idea, prototype, clinically validated innovation or market-ready product. Following the submission team will be formed comprising participants with complementary expertise. The timeline for the hackathon is as follows:

17th Jan, 2020 Application forms for solution submission open
15th Feb, 2020 Deadline for submitting solutions
16th Feb – 1st Mar, 2020 Team formation
20th Mar – 21st Mar, 2020 2-day Hackathon event

We invite you to embark with us on this journey to exponentially increase the impact of technological innovation on clinical practice and transform the future of healthcare.